Camp Roof

This project involved stripping multiple layers of roofing off, repairing some sheathing boards and putting on new shingles. The most difficult part of stripping the roof was removing the tar paper as it had been rolled out on the roof vertically and nailed with hand nails every inch around the edge. Since the porch roof was so flat, ice and water shield was used as an underlayment to avoid ice dam leakage. On the front side, I left the old tar paper on. The wood under it was sound so there was no need to remove it. This helped save some time.

A slight delay due to the power line being anchored at the edge of the roof meant returning after more snow had fallen but sweeping off the light powder and finishing up was a breeze with a new power entrance elevated well above the roof.

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    • Carol on April 18, 2012 at 8:53 am

    My parents hired Cliff to replace the roof on this old camp. He did a great job!

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