Dutton Construction Update

Screen shot of DD Builder web site

Upgraded Dutton Construction Site with photo pages made with Apple’s iWeb posted to space on DropBox in preparation for the closing of iDisk (former location of photo albums) July of 2012. The iWeb pages perform nearly as well on DropBox with the exception of hit counter no longer functioning.

Ogg Furniture’s Cabinet Entertainment Center

Photos supplied to me with this project were taken using a tripod so I was able to use two nearly identical images, one with the cabinet doors closed and one with them open. The doors open image served as a detail image so by mousing over the doors closed image the doors appear to open …

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Melissa Flanagan Designs

This site is one of the first web sites I built and it’s simple, elegant design is still beautiful as well as functional. Melissa Flanagan of Romancing the Stone makes incredible jewelry pieces and is very creative and adept at photographing them. I always look forward to seeing her new creations when she asks me to …

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Birds and Canoes added to Fishing Outfitter

One of my early web sites, is single column and pure and simple. Greg Newton, owner of Blue Ridge Outfitters, took an interest in video and presented me with some footage from his fishing trips and several of them have appeared in a prominent position on the home page over the years. This upgrade included …

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Floorcloths from Cape Cod

A web site project I really enjoyed because the artwork is so amazing. Have a look for  yourself. I posted large, resizable images in the gallery to show them off. Wondering what a floorcloth is? Here’s a blurb from the home page: Though called floorcloths, the art can colorfully adorn walls, tables, dressers and anywhere …

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Camp Roof

This project involved stripping multiple layers of roofing off, repairing some sheathing boards and putting on new shingles. The most difficult part of stripping the roof was removing the tar paper as it had been rolled out on the roof vertically and nailed with hand nails every inch around the edge. Since the porch roof …

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Chittenden Historical Society Site

A site I volunteered to make can be found here: www.chittendenhistory.org. Featuring the restoration of a historic grange hall, the Chittenden Historical Society uses this site to post information about projects and their other activities. A photo album using Apple’s .Mac service is integrated with the site. This site relies on CSS layout.

Chittenden Dammers Snowmobile Club Web Site

Just learning what blogs are and enjoying linking images from one site to another. Just finished a web site that uses a photo service which can be accessed here.  Chittenden Dammers SmugMug photo pages. This image of the original logo links to the Chittenden Dammers site. This site also uses WordPress blogs for trail conditions …

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Vermont Maple Leaves Site

www.vermontmapleleaves.com This is an unusual web site in that there is no text displayed, except in the form page. The client wanted a non-web font so all of the text is actually images of text. To provide text for search engines to find, the same text in the images was entered in the code but …

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Web Site Designs by Cliff Dutton

I have been a part time web site designer since 2001, first using HTML editors and later editing code after taking a HTML class. Next I was intrigued by CSS and basically learned CSS code by experimenting with a project offered by the site CSS Zen Garden. My experimental CSS Zen Garden page is here. …

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