About Cliff Dutton Web Services

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Cliff Dutton Web Services offers affordable website building. I can design a site for you or if you have a specific vision, I am happy to work with you to achieve the look and function you desire. I will also host your site and manage your domain name so you can simplify your web-based marketing by employing just one service to coordinate all aspects of your website.

More and more customers are interested in adding their own content to their sites. I have been using WordPress to allow them to write their own blog posts but the capability is now available to use WordPress as a “Content Management System” often referred to as CMS. Used in this way anyone who can write in a word processor can add and edit their own content in a WordPress based website. WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. Using WordPress I can add modern features to your site drawing from the over 25,000 free plugins available, each with a specific function to enhance a website.


Graphics and images are essential to web design so deserve special mention. I create and edit graphics such as photos, logos, banners and buttons for efficiency on the web. They are high quality, fast to load and use minimal server space. No one likes to wait for web pages to load unnecessarily. I optimize every image for quality and fast loading so whatever internet connection speed your customers are using to view your page, it will load as fast as possible.


Most importantly, I create sites the way my clients want them. I may offer some advice but I listen and work with you to achieve the look and feel of the site you envision. No help desk or submitting a support ticket. If you need help, call or email me and I fix the problem. I try to keep it simple.