Vermont Maple Leaves Site

twirling This is an unusual web site in that there is no text displayed, except in the form page. The client wanted a non-web font so all of the text is actually images of text. To provide text for search engines to find, the same text in the images was entered in the code but made Artist's Handsnot to show using CSS. This process is described here and many examples displayed on the css Zen Gargen site. It was an interesting project but entering the text both as graphic and search engine findable was tedious. Pros: The format and layout are unaffected by font resizes in the browser. Any font can be used. Cons: Obviously if the client changes her mind on the font, it will require making all new pictures of the text as opposed to simply changing a font family in the css style sheet.


  1. Thanks to Cliff this website has been up and running without any hitches. I have had many inquires through this site and it has been a helpful aid in selling my wares both to present customers and new ones.

      • Cliff on April 20, 2012 at 10:21 pm

      Great to hear it. I’ve noticed your site has fairly high traffic. Good job promoting it, Kathy!

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