New Green and Unlimited Server

Part of the reason I haven’t posted anything recently is because this blog was in flux, i.e. between the old server and the new one. That’s right, all my clients’ sites have been moved to a green server! [Loud applause.] Unlike transferring web sites, blogs use a database so the database has to be transferred but is not simply a file on the server. This involves an export and import process that must be just right. Anyway, after some trial and error I succeeded and you are now reading this blog via a new green server that uses strictly renewable resources to power its server. No carbon credits but rather off grid, non-carbon emitting power. Speaking of carbon offsets, I have to include my favorite video explaining just how offsetting works or doesn’t.

Why a green host? The graphic that follows provides some insight. The most impressive statistic is that by 2020, at the present rate of growth, servers will produce as much greenhouse gas emissions as the airline industry and they don’t even move let alone fly! The conclusion at the end of the graphic points out that although servers use energy, they also help us use less energy in many other ways. This seems to implicate a truly green server not only eliminating their own power source emissions but helping reduce emissions overall.

Green Hosting