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The Chittenden Historical Society Site Rebuild

The Chittenden Historical Society has long been awaiting an update for their web site. Originally designed as a compact size window with scrolling elements within the window, it appeared dwarfed on modern screens. Now wider and with no height restriction, the content height will fill the browser window and scroll when needed. Other improvements include a text …

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New Web Site Client -Twin Ford Farm

Twin Ford Farm has been one of my first non-table sites. Styled and laid out with CSS it demonstrates  the use of fixed elements relative to the browser window. The content appears to scroll behind the fixed elements which, in the case of the footer image, actually overlaps the content yet spacing allows full view …

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Chittenden Dammers Update

The Chittenden Dammers Snowmobile Club is the first of my sites I linked to a WordPress blog. The trail conditions blog has become quite popular. This update changes the welcome blurb, the TMA membership form and some photos.

Charles Ogg Furniture Site

I didn’t make this site but have done lots of work polishing and upgrading. Primarily I rebuilt it to use Dreamweaver templates so that common elements can be changed more easily. Originally the site was table based but I have kept the design while changing the code to CSS layout using a table only in …

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Melissa Flanagan Designs

This site is one of the first web sites I built and it’s simple, elegant design is still beautiful as well as functional. Melissa Flanagan of Romancing the Stone makes incredible jewelry pieces and is very creative and adept at photographing them. I always look forward to seeing her new creations when she asks me to …

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Chittenden Historical Society Site

A site I volunteered to make can be found here: www.chittendenhistory.org. Featuring the restoration of a historic grange hall, the Chittenden Historical Society uses this site to post information about projects and their other activities. A photo album using Apple’s .Mac service is integrated with the site. This site relies on CSS layout.

Vermont Maple Leaves Site

www.vermontmapleleaves.com This is an unusual web site in that there is no text displayed, except in the form page. The client wanted a non-web font so all of the text is actually images of text. To provide text for search engines to find, the same text in the images was entered in the code but …

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Web Site Designs by Cliff Dutton

I have been a part time web site designer since 2001, first using HTML editors and later editing code after taking a HTML class. Next I was intrigued by CSS and basically learned CSS code by experimenting with a project offered by the site CSS Zen Garden. My experimental CSS Zen Garden page is here. …

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