Ogg Furniture’s Cabinet Entertainment Center

Cabinet Entertainment CenterPhotos supplied to me with this project were taken using a tripod so I was able to use two nearly identical images, one with the cabinet doors closed and one with them open. The doors open image served as a detail image so by mousing over the doors closed image the doors appear to open by triggering an image swap with the doors open image. View the page here.

I know, you are more wowed by this spectacular Charles Ogg entertainment center than my image swap, but that is the way it should be. Yes, Chip Ogg made the cherry side cabinets as well and in case you didn’t notice, the doors swing open and then slide into the cabinet so they don’t block the view to the TV. Chip’s design also features a reinforced cabinet back so a wall mount TV bracket could be installed to allow the TV to be pulled out and tilted to either side.