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Eliminating the Mammoth Plugin Jetpack

A while ago it came to my attention that the group of plugins called Jetpack were bogging down my WordPress sites with slow load times and even overcoming the server with high demand on the server processor. I am running a Virtual Private Server with lots of power but for this glutton of a plugin …

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Fleece on Earth, the Original

Original Fleece On Earth site home page

Here is the original (now abandoned) Fleece on Earth web site that I built from a concept site. The current site is managed by the owner using CMS. Before moving to CMS, I managed the original site which was simple HTML in a frames format using a navigation page in the left frame (column) while content …

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Home Page and Schedule Update for “Romancing the Stone”

Always a pleasure to see Melissa Flanagan’s new creations. This image is the new featured piece appearing on the home page. Also Melissa’s show schedule has been updated for 2012 as well as some price changes due to an increase in silver prices. See the updated home page or the featured pendant in the gallery. …

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Screen shot of DD Builder web site

Added new photos to Dutton Construction’s finished project, Sugar Hill. Photo pages on DDBUILDER.COM are created with Apple’s iWeb and posted to a public folder on DropBox. Completed projects were moved from “ongoing” to “completed” page and thumbnails/preview images were updated. Next will be a new project added to “ongoing” when I receive the new images …

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Chittenden Dammers Update

The Chittenden Dammers Snowmobile Club is the first of my sites I linked to a WordPress blog. The trail conditions blog has become quite popular. This update changes the welcome blurb, the TMA membership form and some photos.

Ogg Furniture’s Cabinet Entertainment Center

Photos supplied to me with this project were taken using a tripod so I was able to use two nearly identical images, one with the cabinet doors closed and one with them open. The doors open image served as a detail image so by mousing over the doors closed image the doors appear to open …

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Chittenden Historical Society Site

A site I volunteered to make can be found here: www.chittendenhistory.org. Featuring the restoration of a historic grange hall, the Chittenden Historical Society uses this site to post information about projects and their other activities. A photo album using Apple’s .Mac service is integrated with the site. This site relies on CSS layout.

Chittenden Dammers Snowmobile Club Web Site

Just learning what blogs are and enjoying linking images from one site to another. Just finished a web site that uses a photo service which can be accessed here.  Chittenden Dammers SmugMug photo pages. This image of the original logo links to the Chittenden Dammers site. This site also uses WordPress blogs for trail conditions …

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