Fleece on Earth, the Original

Here is the original (now abandoned) Fleece on Earth web site that I built from a concept site. The current site is managed by the owner using CMS. Before moving to CMS, I managed the original site which was simple HTML in a frames format using a navigation page in the left frame (column) while content pages loaded into the right frame (column). Over the years the online catalog grew to accommodate the company’s continually growing product line.

Fleece on Earth LogoDownsides to using this format is the URL references the frame so pages that load into a frame do not change the URL This meant there was no URL to a specific product. If a content page URL was used or was found by Google the navigation frame and navigation page were not loaded and without them, the design of  just the page was obviously incomplete. On the upside frames made a super fast site that had less to load since the navigation frame was constant and only the content frame would reload with each click. Eventually the navigation frame used multiple pages to make the navigating the site extremely easy, an effort to compensate for the lack being able to link to anything but the home page.

The site was built over dial up and easily viewed over dialup. In fact the whole site had to fit on a 10 MB server! Even it its final version it only takes up 7.1 MB and there are 80 or more pages!

Working on this site gave me a chance to gain some experience with Photoshop and layers. Here are a couple of examples with a magic carpet theme and another with some humor. Humor was always a theme of the site in an effort to keep the site as fun as the clothing. You can see that philosophy still in effect at the new site.

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    • Bonny on April 13, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Loved the first site – was a great entry into the world of e-commerce. I still use some of the great photos Cliff designed with wit and whimsy. Bonny, owner; Fleece On Earth

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