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“Web Site” or “Website” Resolved

According to Mashable, AP Stylebook, who sets the standard for the news world, says the official usage of “website” over “web site” has come to be. Good to know.

New Web Site for Sno-Birds

Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Banner

I have been working on a WordPress blog and web site for a snowmobile club called the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds. I understand a snowmobile club needs members as it is membership fees that, in great part, fund such a club. The site tries to bring in new members to it’s ranks and be informational to members. …

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Fleece on Earth, the Original

Original Fleece On Earth site home page

Here is the original¬†(now abandoned) Fleece on Earth web site that I built from a concept site. The current site is managed by the owner using CMS. Before moving to CMS, I managed the original site which was simple HTML in a frames format using a navigation page in the left frame (column) while content …

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Town of Lempster, NH Web Site

In 2005 a friend of mine, R. Fairweather, asked if I would help him set up a web site at www.lempsternh.org with Dreamweaver templates to enable him to provide his town with a web site where residents and visitors can find information about Lempster and the town government. He has been quite active in the …

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Web Site Designs by Cliff Dutton

I have been a part time web site designer since 2001, first using HTML editors and later editing code after taking a HTML class. Next I was intrigued by CSS and basically learned CSS code by experimenting with a project offered by the site CSS Zen Garden. My experimental CSS Zen Garden page is here. …

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