New Web Site for Sno-Birds

Shrewsbury Sno-Birds LogoI have been working on a WordPress blog and web site for a snowmobile club called the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds. I understand a snowmobile club needs members as it is membership fees that, in great part, fund such a club. The site tries to bring in new members to it’s ranks and be informational to members. Deciding ┬áto join one snowmobile club over another, may come down to price, but it is more likely a rider would want to support the club that makes riding more fun by doing a great job grooming trails. Actually I’ve come to understand it goes beyond great grooming to make great trails. Trail construction and layout are key to making trails that are fun to ride and their quality allows for grooming at lower snow depths and preserving snow cover in low snow cover periods.

The site is all about sharing between members. The blog allows for members to keep up on recent club news and make comments on what they find there. Trail conditions right from the trail master’s keyboard may be the most useful aspect of the blog as riders both local and distant have an interest in knowing what the conditions are like before they get out on the trails. Providing the greatest potential for sharing is the SmugMug photo sharing site that allows club members to share their photos of their experiences on the trails. I can only hope club members take advantage of this amazing service provided by SmugMug.

Perhaps the most challenging thing about the project was building the blog first the way I wanted it to look and then building web pages to look almost the same using mostly different code.