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Eliminating the Mammoth Plugin Jetpack

A while ago it came to my attention that the group of plugins called Jetpack were bogging down my WordPress sites with slow load times and even overcoming the server with high demand on the server processor. I am running a Virtual Private Server with lots of power but for this glutton of a plugin …

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Vermonters for Responsible Solar Speaks Out

A group of home owners in Rutland, Vermont felt obligated to form an organization for responsible solar power development when a proposal by GroSolar, a solar farm development company, chose a site for the largest solar farm in Vermont in their neighborhood. Whether the members approved or not of solar power, they couldn’t sit by …

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Latest Construction and Improvement Photos – Chittenden Grange Hall

Not my construction project but I found a photo for the Chittenden Historical Society that was missing in their gallery in the Chittenden Historical Society web site. The Roof Repair shot fills out the photos of the latest improvement to the Chittenden Grange Hall. It has been added to the web site’s gallery which was previously …

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New Web Site for Sno-Birds

Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Banner

I have been working on a WordPress blog and web site for a snowmobile club called the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds. I understand a snowmobile club needs members as it is membership fees that, in great part, fund such a club. The site tries to bring in new members to it’s ranks and be informational to members. …

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Blog Now Linked to the Web Site

Donna Claytor's Banner

  With the new blog functioning correctly, Donna Claytor’s web site pages have been updated with the new link for the blog on her News page where some change in the text were also needed. New links now provide easy access from the web site to the blog and back.   A new painting was …

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No Spam! Four days and counting.

So far so good. Not a bit of comment spam since I installed the plugin Spam Free. 🙂 See previous blog for details.

Spam Free WordPress Plugin

It is amazing how much spam wafts around. Just what is the object of comment spam, I have to wonder. (See Wikipedia’s take on it below.) I suppose it is getting someone else to host links to your web site to increase traffic and improve the spammer’s Google rating by having more links on other sites. That …

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Featured Images Replacing Banner Image again.

With the blog’s title now above the banner, I could again allow the featured images associated with the blogs to replace the banner image. After activating this feature I was surprised to see it did not work. I tried both resizing the images to slightly larger than the required size and this seemed to work …

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New WordPress Theme

Indeed there are other themes available that allow much greater customization. This one, Grahpene, allows for featured images to replace the header image. The trouble with that is the name of blog is layered on top of the image requiring a contrasting color to stage the text. My featured images are not compatible so, for …

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Banner Images of Web Sites

In working with WordPress I have figured out how to make a custom image appear in the banner for each blog. They are screen shots of the sites I have built and they appear on the individual blog pages, not the blog home page where the newest blogs are summarized and a random selection of …

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