Domain Registration Scam


Watch out for this in your snail mail!

How They Know Who to Scam

Watch out for scams like this. Though it is true, domain names have an expiration, my customers can rest assured their domain registration will be renewed before the expiration date. Registry scams such as this can find the name and contact information for the individual or company that registered the domain as well as the expiration date in the Whois information that is posted online about every site. This provides them the information they need to offer you their services which in the case of this scam is 350% of what my customers are currently paying. Don’t do it! 

A Safeguard

There is a safeguard. Domains are locked so no one can take them over. Only the person who manages the domain can unlock it. Unlocking is done to transfer the domain from one domain registry to another so if you were really going forward with the scammers offer, you would need to contact your current domain name manager and ask for it to be unlocked.

Worded to Make You Worry

The scam letter wording is as if expiration is eminent and the domain will be lost if their offer is not accepted. This is never true. Someone is taking care of domain registration whether it is the site owner themselves or someone who manages domains for their customers. I do this for my customers so they may all disregard offers like this. I encourage all my customers to contact me if there is any question about an offer they receive like this.