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Eliminating the Mammoth Plugin Jetpack

A while ago it came to my attention that the group of plugins called Jetpack were bogging down my WordPress sites with slow load times and even overcoming the server with high demand on the server processor. I am running a Virtual Private Server with lots of power but for this glutton of a plugin …

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Heartbleed Bug in Vermont

Vermont Public Radio has published some more information about how the Heartbleed bug is affecting Vermont. They even provide a link to a site you can use to test if a site you use is safe or not.

The Heartbleed bug

Our sites at were never at any risk of the Heartbleed bug. This is because none of them are using openSSL. On the other hand our server does provide SSL email but this is not the same as openSSL so was not a vulnerability. Consider this is a wake up call on our security …

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A Yahoo Follow Up

IP Address Change Unsuccessful in Correcting Yahoo! Mail Problems I have worked with our server’s customer service department and managed to change our IP address. Then in testing email sent to a Yahoo account, my messages, again identified by our new shared IP address was permanently deferred by Yahoo. Hoops to Jump Through Apparently there are ways …

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Over Protective Yahoo! Causes Trouble

Trouble with Yahoo! In the last few months my customers may have experienced trouble emailing someone with a Yahoo! email address. In fact it probably was not delivered and Yahoo! returned a nasty message informing you that messages from your IP have been permanently deferred amongst a bunch of other technical gibberish. Loosely translated this means …

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Domain Registration Scam

How They Know Who to Scam Watch out for scams like this. Though it is true, domain names have an expiration, my customers can rest assured their domain registration will be renewed before the expiration date. Registry scams such as this can find the name and contact information for the individual or company that registered …

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Vermonters for Responsible Solar Speaks Out

A group of home owners in Rutland, Vermont felt obligated to form an organization for responsible solar power development when a proposal by GroSolar, a solar farm development company, chose a site for the largest solar farm in Vermont in their neighborhood. Whether the members approved or not of solar power, they couldn’t sit by …

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Chittenden Dammers Site Goes Social

The Chittenden Dammers site goes social this year with their annual update. Thanks to AddThis, their social media gets more of a front and center upgrade. Sharing links as well as links to their own social media pages have been added. Twitter was one of the additions and Charlie, the blog author, intends to tweet …

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