A Yahoo Follow Up

IP Address Change Unsuccessful in Correcting Yahoo! Mail Problems

An Unwanted Firewall

An Unwanted Firewall

I have worked with our server’s customer service department and managed to change our IP address. Then in testing email sent to a Yahoo account, my messages, again identified by our new shared IP address was permanently deferred by Yahoo.

Hoops to Jump Through

Apparently there are ways to comply with Yahoo’s rules. Have a look at them if you’d like.

These regulations may be fine for large corporations but for small business I can’t see investing all the time and expense. At a minimum we should all probably include our business snail mail address and phone number in the signature of our business emails to be more compliant but the rest is not really practical. For example: in sending you an invoice in an email, I am expected to include an opt-out link if you would no longer like to receive such messages. That doesn’t make sense. You on the other hand would be required to include an opt-out link if you were to write back to me with questions about some of the items on the bill. These should be SUGGESTIONS and NOT REQUIREMENTS simply for an email to be received by the intended recipient!

This is not the way freedom on the internet is supposed to work! We shouldn’t have to comply to an organization’s rules just to send an email!


Note’s on our websites that explain: “We cannot reply to Yahoo addresses so please use a non-yahoo address when writing to us or entering an address in an email field.” I am still working with our server’s customer service. I will report further news here. No need to make a change yet.