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Eliminating the Mammoth Plugin Jetpack

A while ago it came to my attention that the group of plugins called Jetpack were bogging down my WordPress sites with slow load times and even overcoming the server with high demand on the server processor. I am running a Virtual Private Server with lots of power but for this glutton of a plugin …

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Heartbleed Bug in Vermont

Vermont Public Radio has published some more information about how the Heartbleed bug is affecting Vermont. They even provide a link to a site you can use to test if a site you use is safe or not.

The Heartbleed bug

Our sites at were never at any risk of the Heartbleed bug. This is because none of them are using openSSL. On the other hand our server does provide SSL email but this is not the same as openSSL so was not a vulnerability. Consider this is a wake up call on our security …

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