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New Sign Banner for Twin Ford Farm

With a photo of the farm’s sign, I could create an image similar to it for the web site’s top banner. In this instance, full width of the page was not needed for the banner so I allowed the photo column to scroll beside the banner. I fixed a piece of background brown to the …

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New Web Site Client -Twin Ford Farm

Twin Ford Farm has been one of my first non-table sites. Styled and laid out with CSS it demonstrates  the use of fixed elements relative to the browser window. The content appears to scroll behind the fixed elements which, in the case of the footer image, actually overlaps the content yet spacing allows full view …

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Screen shot of DD Builder web site

Added new photos to Dutton Construction’s finished project, Sugar Hill. Photo pages on DDBUILDER.COM are created with Apple’s iWeb and posted to a public folder on DropBox. Completed projects were moved from “ongoing” to “completed” page and thumbnails/preview images were updated. Next will be a new project added to “ongoing” when I receive the new images …

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Fish House has a New Gallery!

Fish House Designs used a MobileMe photo gallery and because that service ends soon I created a new gallery using Simperviewer which works with flash or javascript, on computers and mobile devices. The full screen option really shows off Donna Claytor’s lively and colorful pieces. Check it out! There were a few text changes but …

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Chittenden Dammers Update

The Chittenden Dammers Snowmobile Club is the first of my sites I linked to a WordPress blog. The trail conditions blog has become quite popular. This update changes the welcome blurb, the TMA membership form and some photos.

Ogg Furniture’s TV Console Page

Though the rest of the site provides a preview of the enlargement or detail image in the thumbnail, I imagined the thumbnail could be an overall shot with various hot spots that, when moused over, the main viewer image changes to show detail of that area. (Example) This idea also allows additional featured area information …

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Charles Ogg TV Lift Cabinet uses Youtube

[youtube] So far I’ve found embedding video a challenge with the exception of inserting Youtube video because Youtube provides the code to insert. It is pretty handy and having the video on Youtube helps with recognition of the client’s company. See it embedded on in the Charles Ogg Furniture page.

Historical Society Gallery Updates

With the closing of .Mac and now with MobileMe closing July of 2012, I have been searching for alternative ways to host and make photo galleries. For the Chittenden Historical Society I have come up with a free photo gallery application called SimpleViewer. Here is a SimpleViewer sample. Another uses Fireworks CS3 photo gallery creation …

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Charles Ogg Furniture Site

I didn’t make this site but have done lots of work polishing and upgrading. Primarily I rebuilt it to use Dreamweaver templates so that common elements can be changed more easily. Originally the site was table based but I have kept the design while changing the code to CSS layout using a table only in …

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Dutton Construction Update

Screen shot of DD Builder web site

Upgraded Dutton Construction Site with photo pages made with Apple’s iWeb posted to space on DropBox in preparation for the closing of iDisk (former location of photo albums) July of 2012. The iWeb pages perform nearly as well on DropBox with the exception of hit counter no longer functioning.