Spam Free WordPress Plugin

It is amazing how much spam wafts around. Just what is the object of comment spam, I have to wonder. (See Wikipedia’s take on it below.) I suppose it is getting someone else to host links to your web site to increase traffic and improve the spammer’s Google rating by having more links on other sites. That …

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Fleece on Earth, the Original

Original Fleece On Earth site home page

Here is the original (now abandoned) Fleece on Earth web site that I built from a concept site. The current site is managed by the owner using CMS. Before moving to CMS, I managed the original site which was simple HTML in a frames format using a navigation page in the left frame (column) while content …

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WPtouch Mobile Theme

When I first installed WordPress I noticed the default theme, Twenty Eleven, supplied a mobile version for smart phones. When I later installed the theme Graphene and though it has some amazing features, the mobile theme for it was not included. By chance, I stumbled onto a plugin called WPtouch made to work with any …

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Home Page and Schedule Update for “Romancing the Stone”

Always a pleasure to see Melissa Flanagan’s new creations. This image is the new featured piece appearing on the home page. Also Melissa’s show schedule has been updated for 2012 as well as some price changes due to an increase in silver prices. See the updated home page or the featured pendant in the gallery. …

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Grange Hall Images Updated

I noticed that the images in the Phase III gallery were smaller than the rest. Having found my original copies I reloaded them to the gallery as well as adding a second Phase III gallery with more photos that were missing from the original gallery. The Grange Hall project has really come a long way. …

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Featured Images Replacing Banner Image again.

With the blog’s title now above the banner, I could again allow the featured images associated with the blogs to replace the banner image. After activating this feature I was surprised to see it did not work. I tried both resizing the images to slightly larger than the required size and this seemed to work …

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Town of Lempster, NH Web Site

In 2005 a friend of mine, R. Fairweather, asked if I would help him set up a web site at with Dreamweaver templates to enable him to provide his town with a web site where residents and visitors can find information about Lempster and the town government. He has been quite active in the …

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New WordPress Theme

Indeed there are other themes available that allow much greater customization. This one, Grahpene, allows for featured images to replace the header image. The trouble with that is the name of blog is layered on top of the image requiring a contrasting color to stage the text. My featured images are not compatible so, for …

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Banner Images of Web Sites

In working with WordPress I have figured out how to make a custom image appear in the banner for each blog. They are screen shots of the sites I have built and they appear on the individual blog pages, not the blog home page where the newest blogs are summarized and a random selection of …

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Thanks to

Many thanks to for their instructions on how to install WordPress. This enabled me to move from to this blog on my own server.